Most people in the CSRA love a day on the river or the lake. However, a great day on a boat can quickly turn dangerous when other operators choose to act recklessly, boat under the influence, or disregard the rules of the water.  It is important that you have a local attorney who understands the laws as they apply to boating.

Boating accidents around the CSRA and elsewhere, often result in life altering injuries. The legal term for any type of harm or loss resulting from someone else’s wrongdoing is “damages,” and in Georgia, you can seek compensation to cover all those losses, which may include- Property damage, Medical bills, Lost wages, Diminished earning capacity, Lost enjoyment of life, Pain and suffering and Punitive damages (if the at fault driver was reckless/boating under the influence).

If you have been injured or affected by a boating accident in the CSRA there are steps you can take to hold negligent boaters accountable. Additionally, if you have further questions or want to speak with an attorney now, we are here to help. You can contact our law firm by calling (706) 524-8000 any time day or night.


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